Dear Visitors,

this premium domain “WWW.SECRET.TV” is available for sale. Therefore we are initiating an auction to find media producers or broadcasting companies who are looking for a catchy and unique web address to start a new project. Please forward this email to all units in your enterprise who are developing online TV and media projects so this domain can find a new home it deserves.

Please give us a short notice whether you are interested or not. A short reply like “not interested” will save us time and you won’t be bothered with follow up emails. Thank you!

The auction will be conducted as easy as it gets. If you like this domain please send us a reply and place a bid. The minimum bid we expect is twenty thousand Euro. The company which made the highest offer will take the domain at the end of the deadline. The deadline is scheduled for the 1st of March 2019.

We are not planning on having a bidding race where two or more parties raising their bids alternately. Only if contenders are very close to each other we will give the opportunity to reraise the offer by informing the party closest to the highest bid. We just ask you to determine for yourself whether your company has a demand for a new prime domain and what it would be worth to you.

We also like to include an “instant buy option” which is available with a bid of one hundred thousand Euro or an anual fee of twenty-five thousand Euro. If you are willing to pay this price the domain is instantly yours and the auction is terminated.

The domain has been the home to the first German online pay-TV station. At it’s time it was unique and served a special interest group. It broadcasted documentaries and talk shows.

Secret.TV got transformed, redesigned and embedded into a new shell in 2010 and became “www.nexworld.TV” which is still available today. From there on the domain remained as a kind of online museum and got maintained by myself and a small group of people.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a group of IT-experts and media creatives that can consult you on every detail of building up an online TV station or similar web projects.

The domain “” is a so-called premium domain. It is registered as a premium domain and requires an annual fee of five hundred USD.

The domain WWW.SECRET.TV is for sale. Please contact me with an offer if you are interested.

Best Regards