Welcome to Secret TV! This website was primarily created to provide an alternative perspective on reality. This perspective displays in many ways a hard contrast to the „truths“, which we are fed by the system on a daily base.

This website has a long history in the domains of conspiracy theories, esoteric, spirituality and critical thinking about many established ideas. Secret TV has been founded by Jan van Helsing, who back in 2007 took an ambitious endeavor to bring topics to a new media platform, that normally get ignored or tendentiously presented in mainstream outlets.

We – the people, who are doing Secret TV right now, are partly former members of the project, who like to go a new way. On one hand we want to preserve the legacy, but we also want to open up a new chapter. We don’t want to be involved in any political, religious or scientific dogma or skirmish. We only like to provide inspiration to see reality from different angle. Therefore we hope for people visiting this website, who are not searching for prefabricated answers, but who are ready to commence their own process to epiphany.

Whether Secret TV becomes for you a mind expanding experience, or an object to project negative feelings on, fully depends on your spiritual and intellectual constitution. According to this, we highly recommend you to read our manifest, to see whether this website resonates with your personal opinions. If this is not the case, we urge you to visit a different website, instead of becoming emotionally irritated or even become frightened – in the worst case.

From the very beginnings Secret TV has been a pure German project. All the documentaries and talk shows have therefore been produced in German language. We won’t be able to translate all of this content, but from now on we would also like to provide videos and news for our international visitors. Depending on our resources that might fluctuate. Thank you for your understanding!





Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. In the current cycle I incarnated in Germany in 1980. I understand myself as a seeker in the agnostic tradition, who is roaming through different traditions and philosophies with the intention to achieve a higher spiritual understanding. On my journey I gathered a set of different tools, like a degree in design, the ability to make films, write, and create all kind of artworks.

Additionally I am pandered with other natural competences I learned to develop over the years. So I am an outstanding consultant with empathetic skills, and the ability to catalyze thinking processes. Especially as a filmmaker and director, I have traveled to many different countries. Therefore I could make experiences in many diverging cultures, particularly in Africa.

Currently I am travelling from Canada to South America in camper truck with a friend of mine. Watch my Secret Travel Blog!