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Space on my stage of life

Sometimes you have accomplished something in life, for example, you finished a certain apprenticeship or you finally mastered a specific degree. After you got handed out that diploma from university, it seems like a big object disappears from your stage of life. The burden of scholarship usually takes a big chunk of your resources and when it is gone, empty space is all that remains.

This very state creates a void or even a vacuum that wants to be filled. The same applies to the end of an important relationship that took a lot of room. Some of those stage sweeping events are emotionally painful in nature, others are liberating. However it feels, it is said, that the wise man recognizes not the misfortune but he is always aware of the chances such situation comprises.

See you later, Montreux

After my stage in Montreux, Switzerland, has been more or less cleansed, I got plenty of space how it can be rearranged. Even though I am still struggling with emotional attachments, I can still see the possibilities my personal situation has to offer. In my case everything vanished quickly. My relationships with certain people, my job and living situation got flushed from my stage of life in the blink of an eye – at least everything turned into undefined quantum space.

To make things worse: I fell in love with a married woman. So I even had to leave an unsolved situation and the love of my life. Actually important items on my stage got pushed to the side. Some fell off and others remained to be rearranged at a later point in time. It is not the ideal circumstance to leave like that, but still it seemed like the most feasible way to do it. The question is: What to do next?

Montreux, Switzerland at night during Montreux Jazz Festival

From Canada to South America

Maybe my subconscious mind planned ahead, maybe my intention to go to Canada actually caused all that jazz, but next I started a process what I had already figured out is the best thing to do in such a case: travelling! Don’t get me wrong here – I don’t mean to take 2 weeks off to fly to some random place with beach and palm trees to calm my mind a bit. No, I am talking about roaming a whole continent to get my life straight. Or, even better: to make it as it should be. The trick is that you have the power to define what you are attracting to your stage of life.

So now I am in Medicine Hat in Canada to go on my personal mission to rearrange my life situation. I know that the current situation didn’t happen by coincidence. It is obvious that I consciously asked life for it, to be able to leave my reality bubble in Montreux for a while to observe it from distance and see the flaws in it that need to be redefined. It’s always more difficult to detect that specific taint which bothers you deep inside, as long as you are trapped in the context.

The meaning of synchronicity

Many people are aware that nothing happens by chance – so am I. So called “coincidences” are determined by a higher mechanism and can be manipulated by the power of consciousness. Not every individual is the same. Some people might be bound to a strict karmic destiny and a certain path in life, others seem to be more free. Maybe they are just more detached from common mental imprints that limit their creativity to imagine themselves into alternative situations or as I would call it: they can imagine themselves on a different stage of life.

Techniques to control reality

I feel like a free spirit in that regard. Even though I cannot bypass the free will of others without consequences, I am capable to make use of my own free will. There are hundreds of books about this topic: how to choose the content for your stage of life or how you control what you attract.

Some techniques are more simple and others are more complex, but the core principles are always the same. Only by trying, you figure out what technique serves you best and which allow you to improve in this regard. By detecting and understanding the different imprints which you were not aware of, you can rule out the typical errors that sabotage your endeavor to thrive.

Co-creation and manifestation

I have read a couple of books about those techniques and after a while of trial and error I could demonstrate a high percentage of target goals achieved in a short amount of time. So now I call myself officially “trans-surfing” the waves of space and time. The good thing is that I can honestly say that in the last 4 years I always realized what I was longing for. The drawback was always the same: certain circumstances popped up that made it obvious that this reality or this setup on my stage of life was not sustainable. Maybe that is because of a karmic background program, or because my mind was already focussing on a different layout.

Of course the transition between the “now” which is your old stage and the “now” which is your new stage always consumes linear time. In that delay many things can happen or it just gets boring, which causes your focus to shift. I don’t know for sure, so I still need to figure that out. Maybe it is just God telling me that I might be a co-creator, but that he is still in charge to help me to find a higher purpose in life rather than nursing profane desires.

Change is the nature of life

Others would say that constant change is the very nature of life itself. Everything is in a flow and resisting the flow is a form of unconscious death. You are not physically dead – actually there is no real death. Physical dying is just a another transition to a different stage, with a whole new set of rules – it is a true paradigm shift though. Anyhow – the only temporary recurrent death we should fear is the standstill, the deadlock or the stagnancy. So it seems to me that a constant change whether consciously chosen or picked with unawareness and fear is the natural flow of life. Death in this context means a habit that always tries to avoid everything that could endanger or even shake the status quo of your stage. Such kind of habit, the inability to let go of a specific setup or stage play creates suffering. From this point of view the aspect of the stoicism or the equanimity described in the Zen tradition is the only true path to find inner peace and a form of stability in this reality we call life. Achieving this ability to “not judge” is not a disciplinary measure for your mind. It can only arise from the deep inner understanding that everything is one.

The epiphany of singularity

The concept of singularity or oneness is not just an old eastern philosophy – it is a quantum physical certainty. You see: It gets complicated! Improving the capabilities consciously creating your reality is a delicate and complex art. I am not claiming I am the best at it. There are people that have mastered more mysteries of the universe, but I can tell you about my own path and maybe that inspires you and other people to improve their skills to co-create inside this marvelous reality, we call life.

Sharing this travel blog

In this travel blog I like to honestly share all the lectures and epiphanies that came along my way. Some come from my past; other sections I might have to repeat on my journey with Jens. So please be welcome to join us on our magical mystery tour through North and South America.

Well, this was my general background story of this venture, but as I mentioned before, I am not alone. An old friend, who initiated this endeavor, is basically the mastermind behind the whole concept of travelling with a camper. I hope that Jens will share his background story along this journey.


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