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Back In Medicine Hat

The cage of the camper or as I now call it “the framework” has been done and we are back in Medicine Hat! This brings us closer to the point of leaving the town. There are still some things to arrange in the physical realm so we can feel completely prepared to head off. That’s why we expect to remain in this city for 4 more days of preparation.

On the mental realm we’ve also achieved an important breakthrough, since we spent many evenings of verbal sharing to narrow down a certain concept with what principles we like to approach this journey and what quality of experiences we like to encounter in this process. Even though I was aware that Jens has equal notions on how life and reality works and what he is thriving for, I still felt the necessity that we need to discuss and finally agree on a form of wording, which we call “Our Travel Manifest”. So I am currently working on this manifest, which will be ready before we finally start our trip.

Working On Our Travel Manifest

This manifest will serve a double purpose. On one hand it is like a blueprint or a contract with the universe or God or our higher self (call it whatever you like to), in which we articulate the framework of experiences that we like to invite into our reality. So you see, there is a physical and spiritual framework we are currently working on. That’s why I don’t want to call the physical one “cage” anymore.

On the other hand we like to give a good example of how such a declaration can look like, for others who are aware of the importance of such a conscious act of creation and those who like to receive some inspiration how to deal with their own situation and challenges.

Generally speaking, the art of making a mindful contract with life is to have all important issues clearly defined, but still you have to leave enough space of interpretation, so that life can provide your chosen reality in a way it seems to “bend” probabilities and chances disguised as “coincidences”, but still without making it look like manifesting a full-grown miracle. Everyone has to find his own balance between those polarities.

No Symbols But Qualities

From my own experience I know it works much better when you determine specific qualities instead of symbols. I like to give a simple example: Many young people wish for a symbol when they focus on their work situation. For example they wish to become a “medical doctor” or a “fighter pilot” or a “superstar” in whatever. The symbols behind being those kind of personae are associated with certain qualities like a reputation in society and the idea of having a lot of money. I would rather say:

“Skip the symbols and concentrate on the qualities we associate with it!”

In this specific case I would determine my contract with life (or God or whatever you prefer to call the majestic intelligence which works behind the visible realm) concerning the job I do as this:

I am grateful that the job, which I am enacting, is the work I really like doing, which is easy for me to perform in a superior quality from everywhere in the world, which allows me to enable all my creativity in a perfectly harmonious way with my entire environment. This very work I am doing doesn’t feel like work at all, because it is so much fun and fulfillment even though it provides for all my expenses in life with all the resources and monetary means I desire and it even gives me more energy on top so I can easily pass it on to the people that deserve so from my point of view. The work I do serves for the greater good of the collective consciousness and is highly appreciated by as many people as possible.

How about that? That sounds very good to me and my heart jumps with joy.

This is just an example how I would define my work situation. You can see I am not using a symbol, like “traveling hippie new-age author, photographer and filmmaker”, but I rather stick to the qualities. If I would use these symbols I would be stuck in a certain box and therefore I could easily miss the perfect job for me, which also could be some kind  of world famous “5-star chef de la cuisine” – since I also like cooking.

The Free Will

One more important hint I like to give here is to make you aware of the implications of adding other people into your contract. Other people, as well as you and me, enjoy or struggle with the greatest gift that God ever gave us: the free will! You cannot override the free will of another person – well, you can, but that leads to the dark side of the force, my friend.

It’s a tricky thing indeed – take a love and relationship contract, for example. Make sure the other person is absolutely in coherence with your intentions before you put his or her name into the contract. Of course, people should generally sit together and negotiate a common agenda in life no matter if they are lovers or if they just have a common enterprise. It could make the realization much easier. In Jens’ and my case we started to sit together as friends and travel mates with equal rights and agreed on a common contract concerning our mutual live situation. The point is, we negotiated this agenda together, but you cannot sign a contract for some other person without his or her consent and permission. If you try to do anyway, be warned because that usually leads to suffering.

These are just the basic considerations I had to mention for you to be able to understand the deeper implications of our “Travel Manifest” I’m working on.

Love Is The Best Fuel

The last trick I like to mention is gratefulness as I used it in the example of my own working manifest. True gratefulness is a powerful form of energy, because it is an expression of love – in this case – towards the oneness of all that is, and because love is the strongest force in the universe, it is the fuel that accelerates our movement towards our dreams.

So well – I guess I mentioned all the cornerstones of our “Travel Manifest”. I still need to write it down though, but I will publish it here as soon as we are ready. Stay tuned!


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