Since I got here it seems like most of the time we are strolling through big home depots and other big halls full with tools and equipment. We only need about 20 items to have all the essentials to start our journey. I did not expect the preparation to be that intense. Of course we are looking for the best prices and going to the big shopping centers is the fastest way to get the things we need in a short amount of time, but on Sunday we proceeded with another approach.

Since not all shops are open on Sundays here in Canada, we had some time left to roam the suburbs. Because we are not ready to head off, we are staying at friends in a lovely middle-class neighborhood of Medicine Hat. The guys living in this house are amazing people with a high spiritual awareness who are very kindly supporting our endeavor. Most of them emerged from the skateboard culture and seem to be very talented in music. That’s why there are always great tunes in the air played on guitars or on the piano.

Well, let’s get back to the new approach to gather our stuff in this very suburban neighborhood. It seems like every household owner has a small junkyard in the back of his property. Most people fill this space with old classic cars left there to be disintegrated by rust. For Jens, who studied engineering and who generally has an affinity towards old vehicles, this walk through the backyards is like a hunt for rare animals in a remote jungle.

On this trip we made some great encounters with people, strange cars and the local wild life, which seems to got used to the close proximity with human beings. Jens could even pet one of those deers and I could get really close to some gorgeous „Bambies“.

Anyhow – from my perspective our environment to the point we start do discover it, is actually undefined quantum space. Until the observer decides to bring up the effort to take a closer look, this undefined quantum space is an ocean of possibilities. Having a clear concept of what items you really need, will bend the probabilities of what you will find in the end.

Seems like Jens had a strong focus because he found a couple of items that could be handy at some point. Nothing fancy though, but with some more patience I am sure we could save a lot of money. I guess the idea of consciously attracting certain material things that help us, will become an issue which we can improve in close future.


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