Dear Visitors,

The domain Secret TV was the first domain in Germany to produce and offer video content dealing with topics that mainstream would not dare to touch. The project got stopped in 2008/09 but I maintained the domain, created some new articles. It was always a fun project to me but meanwhile, other priorities took over.

Now, with the new legal situation (DSGVO), it is impossible for me to keep the website as it used to be. I have to move on. Therefore, I will transfer the content I feel worthy to my personal website called in the next months to come.

During this time there will be strange occurrences here but eventually, everything will work out just fine. So, you can continue roaming around on the old domain and see what is left, or you go directly to my personal website and see what already arrived there.

The domain WWW.SECRET.TV is for sale. Please contact me with an offer if you are interested.

Best Regards & Namasté