Secret TV Reloaded



It might be, that you are an old fan of Secret TV, or you got here for the very first time. You may also come directly from one of our mirrored antagonist movements with reciprocal paradigm, to get a picture of the current “Hocus Pocus” going on here. Anyway – you are all welcome.

One might be surprised, what finally has emerged on this domain from the old fashioned online television station for conspiracy theories, esoteric topics and spirituality. I am also surprised at the metamorphosis, which has taken place. Not only the design has changed, even the content will be reevaluated. Currently I can not estimate where we are actually heading, but the manifesto should allow you a first impression.

I guess it is time now, that I introduce myself. My name is Christian Köhlert and for over 2 years I had been the chief-editor of the old online cannel, which in 2010 was laid to eternal rest – supposedly. Since that time the domain remained a untapped potential on a large server. For sentimental reasons and because of the sudden chance to buy the domain including the archives, I’ve decided to let Secret TV become resurrected. This rebirth is an experiment, because I don’t have the infrastructure that I had back then, I also don’t have a significant budget right now and I can not anticipate the reaction of the old fan base. Therefore, it is very interesting for me to see how this trial will develop.


I think we will start with some simple things. First of all, I like to make the old media archive available – piece by piece. Some broadcasts are certainly “outdated” others are classics that still have their significance. However, the archive will serve as research material and remain with us as a cyber museum of woo-woo culture. Thou, this should actually not concern you that much, because all documentaries and talkshows are in German language, since we used to produce our own content in a big studio – well, that is over for once.

However, our main goal should be that we start to focus on the present. We live in a highly interesting and very dynamic time. I do not feel that this state will change in the near future. On the contrary – I guess the collective reality will manifest in an even more chaotic manner. This will come along with a lot of uncertainty, fear and anger in the collective consciousness. This website is my contribution, to be a beacon, which will allow certain individuals to find their own safe passage. I want to inspire people and also respond to current events. For this purpose I will sacrifice some of my free time to write entries in the blog and I am going to invite other authors to do the same.


To finance the whole jazz, I will have to take a new approach. The ad-free pay-per-view concept of the old Secret TV, is for no longer an option for me. Probably it will take a while, when the first ad-banners will show up here, but they will arrive for sure. I will not be squeamish, concerning what kind of advertisement I will put up here. You should be aware enough to be able to differentiate between what you are tempted or inspire with. The domain and the server need to be paid for and I like to stick to the words of Daniel S. Peña, Sr., who once said:

“In order to pay your bills you need money and not Zen. I’ve never paid a bill with Zen and I also do not know anyone that did so .. and the more money you have, the more you can give!”

I wanted to talk about that to prevent a situation that the authenticity and reputation of this website is not judge on the content, but rather measured on banners for Nestlé GMO products or the 26-piece tea-leaves reading set. I ask for your understanding.

Still I wish you all a lot of fun and lots of inspiration during you visit of this new Secret TV page.

Christian Köhlert


Chief-Editor Secret TV