Still At The Monastery Of Junk


We are still at the workshop in the vast nothingness of farmland 65 km outside of Medicine Hat. Time and space work differently out here. I guess we already spent 4 days here with a short trip back to the city to buy some more stuff, but I can’t say for sure. I missed my own birthday – do I have to say more?

This place is like a monastery or a spiritual retreat centre. We have no telephone connection, no internet, no tap water and no restroom. Metaphorically speaking, you have to take a shovel into the field to find inner peace.

There is no external influence or anything in the environment that distracts our minds. For me there is nothing more to do than writing or helping Jens. Cutting metal-pieces is like meditation in a way. This is very beneficial to me, to calm my mind from all the fuss I had the last 3 weeks and the impact of the transition into this new paradigm.

Tomorrow we will be back in Medicine Hat once more to buy some food and some more parts, which we have to attach to the camper. On this occasion I will upload this entry. After that we will return to the monastery for 3 more day to finish all the steel-work.

Well, I should add a few words regarding Jens. He is totally focused on his mission to make our mobile home as perfect as possible. He is working like one possessed. While doing so he looks like an archetype of a creator alpha male. In fact he is so damn masculine that I can only consider myself as a kind of metrosexual office hipster with dirt paranoia. I hope some of this energy robs off on me sometimes.

We already could develop some nice routines that helped me to adapt to this new lifestyle. In the morning we do Yoga and meditation. In the evening we improve our hobo-kitchen skills and we have long sharing sessions, where we express our thought, plans and feelings. We agreed on a big change in our program: We won’t go all the way up to Alaska anymore and rather take some more time in the west of Canada. When indian summer starts in Oregon, we like to be there. So that will be in the beginning of September.

That is all for the moment! I will report back when we finished all the steel-work, which will take another 3 days in the middle of nowhere. According to our estimations we could hit the road in one week from now on.


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