Synchronicity in Guerrero Negro


What Is Synchronicity?

Before 2004 I used to call synchronicities weird coincidences, because I did not know a better term. In this very year I read a book which was dealing with the Swiss psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung. The book was “Cosmic Trigger” written by Robert Anton Wilson. According to Wilson, C. G. Jung had his own weird coincidences, and since he was researching the bigger topic of collective consciousness, he felt that this kind of personal phenomena deserved a professional investigation and a more serious hypothesis.

Not everyone is aware of what synchronicity really is. I guess the majority doesn’t even know the word. Still, if you explain people what it means, most individuals will immediately tell you about personal experiences that fall into this category. Since I have been on this road trip I already had many strong synchronicities along the way – but yesterday something happened, which explains this phenomenon in a very impressive manner.

Strange Coincidences In New Zealand

We are almost halfway trough the Baja California peninsula. Two days ago we arrived in Guerrero Negro, which is one of the bigger towns along the way. Since Ensenada, which we named “Instant Nada”, there are only a few locations you can actually call a city. Of course, you still won’t find a Walmart here, but it has at least 5 dentists. That is something Jens was looking for because he needed a tooth pulled.

While Jens was cooling his cheek with ice water I kept on working on my book. I started to write about my “weird coincidences” I had on my last big journey in New Zealand. I ended my chapter at a point where I wrote about a dutch backpacker called Ken Boogers. Ken was a very special individual whom I met on the south island of New Zealand. By “coincidence” our ways crossed many times. The last time I saw him was just a couple of days before I flew back to Switzerland. On this occasion he gave me a stone which I am still wearing today as a necklace.

Ken Boogers Incident

After I left, Ken stayed in New Zealand and, soon after, he died in the wilderness. He slipped and fell from a cliff. Later I had contact with his mother who had a hard time letting go of him. To this very day I still feel sorry that I couldn’t give her more than just some footage of her son I took back in Nelson/NZ.

Anyhow – in Guerrero Negro I was only capturing the story to the point where I first met him. I felt like I needed some more time to think of the best way to describe what special meaning this man and his tragic death had in my own personal story.

The next day something strange happened. Early in the morning I was roaming the city with my camera. The town was celebrating the revolution and held a big parade. When I came back to the camper with literary hundreds of pictures of kids with toy guns and fake mustaches, Jens was hanging out with two guys. I realized I saw those guys before because we saw them along our route, hitchhiking with their surfboards under their arms. You don’t see many people doing that here. Well, guess what? Both guys are from New Zealand.

We started talking about our journeys and I mentioned my trip through the wilderness on the north island of New Zealand. I admitted that I underestimated the weather back then and that I put myself in serious danger by doing so – I knew that every year a lot of foreigners die in New Zealand because of that.

That seemed to be the keyword for one of those guys because he mentioned a very tragic case of a guy from the Netherlands. I said: “You are talking about Ken Boogers, right?” The Kiwi made big eyes and said: “Exactly! How do you know?” Well, I know because I met him right before he died and I am currently just writing about him. It got even weirder because the father of one of those 2 guys I just met here in Baja California was responsible for the investigation of Ken’s case. Talking about coincidences … what are the odds!? We are talking about a timeframe of less than 24 hours.

What Is This Synchronicity Telling Me?

So I had this strange coincidence, or as I would call it: a strong synchronicity. But what does it mean? Many people believe that those events are indicators that you are moving exactly along your destiny. I don’t know for sure but I tend to have the same interpretation.

On the other hand I feel it could be a message from Ken. He was a very spiritual individual – very aware for his young age. Probably he was one of the highest developed souls I met along my journey through New Zealand. He was the last person I would have expected to die so suddenly. It still makes me wonder today. Maybe his mission on earth was just finished? This syncronicity will cause me to ponder some more days about the whole thing, I guess.


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