Secret TV has always been a platform to promote ideas and topics which are hardly available in the mainstream media. A big part of it always dealt with the darker aspects of the system that controls the collective consciousness. As I tried to explain many times, this understanding is just the beginning – a minor phase the seeker needs to go through, so he understands how much the individuals are influenced and manipulated.

As soon as we start to grasp to what extent we have been tricked in accepting a certain reality, we are able to free ourselves from the Matrix. Even though many got stuck in this phase by fighting against this hidden forces which control the collective development, be aware there is a next step of spiritual evolution.

The following phase is characterized by the endeavor of the individual to get rid of all the aspects of the manipulation the individual could identify. For most people this starts with the act of putting their TV sets into the trash can. Now the time has arrived to become a conscious co-creator.

We all have the ability to create our own reality! In a way we all do that all the time, but most people are not aware of that. The collective consciousness and therefore the minds of most people have been infiltrated with fear and imprints of limitation so their unconscious creations are not really theirs and they keep them in the system.

From my own experience I can say that the challenge of getting rid of those imprints and fears is a long process. I had to graduate step by step to free myself to a certain degree which I could achieve by now. There are many good books and documentations explaining this concept of becoming a co-creator. „The Secret“ was one of the most popular publications. Since many people arrive on this website because they learned about „The Secret“ I like to give my own journey as an example of how to do it. So you – the visitors of my website – can learn from the insights I had by now and probably avoid the mistakes resulting from the misconceptions I still might have.

Just 2 weeks ago I still worked as a PR manager in Montreux, Switzerland, but now I left my old stage and started something new. It is an old dream of mine. The dream of travelling through America like a nomad.

I am right at the beginning of this adventure, which will lead me from Medicine Hat in Canada to Alaska and down the west coast of the US to South America. I am not alone. A friend of mine already started to bring the idea into reality. Now together we prepare a pickup with a camper-top to be our modern band-wagon.

How we both got to the point of leaving common trails of society and how this experiment will work out, we like to share in this blog with heaps of photos and even videos. I am sure this won’t be boring. So hopefully people who like to join us here will get inspired.


Chief-Editor Secret TV


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